Dear Allah please give me full strength to go through life without the presence of him after this. Please tell myself that, He's not the best. I know your plan is better than what i've been wished for this longtime. i know i dont even deserves to be with him. deep down i know, the one that replacing me in his heart is ur best choice for him.

dear someone special,

I will miss ur voice that accompanied me everynight, im sure i'll miss all those silly conversation that we had some nights or even that night when we've had a fight & ignored each other. & for sure i'll miss our memories that was being played continuosly in my head.

we've met at different places, & we're nkt even know each other that time. but i could feel the chemistry between us. I guessed the chemistry ends now. because you are now with someone else. someone who is really lucky for having a perfect wonderful man like u.

Always remember that, No matter how far things and our relationship will far apart soon, Just to let u know. My love for u will be the same since our first meeting till forever. just dont miss me like always because i think i dont deserves to be missed. Just let me miss u? Because if you've asked me, i tell u. I could love & miss u for thousand of times, but i dont get the chance to share those feeling wih u. 


I wish u all the best in life. May ur soulmate gives u happiness as much happiness i've received from u. & i hope she could love u as much or more than i've loved you. Thank u. take care